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The PMS Package

The PMS Package is a monthly care package for feminine essentials and pampering products for “that time of the month.” PPM worked with the PMS Package to optimize their e-commerce experience, drive awareness through Facebook and Instagram, and retarget engaged customers through Klaviyo emails and social media promotions.

Hollywood UV

Hollywood UV is a custom printing company for personalized glass prints. PPM redesigned a new e-commerce website for Hollywood UV that allows customers to fully customize orders online with any picture or image they choose.


Cannuka is a natural skincare line with products made from cannabis and Manuka honey, ingredients known to heal and protect the skin. PPM implemented an e-newsletter and abandon cart email campaign through Klaviyo to capture and incentivize site visitors to We’ve also worked on strategies to build their email list and utilize influencers to spread the word about Cannuka’s amazing products.

Full send is a subscription based website for video content and was created as an alternative to Youtube. Youtube banned the Nelk Boys from posting their content on the platform, so they partnered with PPM to create a paid subscription website where they, and content creators alike, can post whatever they want whenever they want.

Saint Stephens Community House

Saint Stephens is a nonprofit Community House that is committed to assisting residents in the Greater Linden area to build community, self-sufficiency and individual well-being. PPM designed a new Wordpress site for SSCH, implementing their current systems for managing volunteers and online donations. PPM also manages digital marketing campaigns to share information about events and ongoing volunteer opportunities through SSCH.

Flightlab Hoops

Flightlab Hoops is an online training program that provides video-supported workouts and progress tracking to help users dunk like the pros! PPM developed a customized Shopify site that allows users to purchase training programs, and access 72 weeks-worth of video demos, workout plans, and progress tracking.

Armor Paving & Sealing

Armor Paving and Sealing is the premier commercial surface maintenance partner in Central Ohio. PPM worked with Armor to update their existing branding, redesigning their website and all of their sales and marketing materials. PPM also built brand guidelines for future implementation of their updated look and feel.

Shelly Cove

Shelly Cove is a direct to consumer clothing brand that supports and donates proceeds to the rescue and rehabilitation of sea turtles. PPM built a digital marketing strategy to drive site traffic and increase conversions on Shelly Cove products and manages ongoing paid media acquisition strategies.

TFox Brand

TFox Brand is a merchandise line for popular Youtuber, Tanner Fox. Tanner has over 8.7M Youtube followers and wanted to implement digital marketing strategies to amplify his brand, merchandise, and partnership with Hotwheels. PPM updated the TFox brand website and creates social media ad campaigns, and promotional emails for product drops.

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