E-commerce Website Development and Optimization

Businesses with physical locations put a lot of effort into their displays and overall appearance, or at least they should. Things like cluttered display tables and fractured store layouts take away from the customer experience, so retailers try to avoid them at all costs.

E-commerce businesses, especially those without an added physical location, don’t have these same worries, or do they?

As an e-commerce business, your website is a representation of who you are. To win over customers and set yourself on a trajectory towards growth, your site should be designed with the same philosophy of a store with a physical location, and that’s a focus on providing an enjoyable, smooth customer experience.

For every size e-commerce business, we’re the team of Shopify web designers that have a way of taking the art of creating user friendly websites and knocking it out of the park.

Why You Need Custom Ecommerce Website Development

Have you purchased anything online recently? The internet is crammed full of e-commerce businesses trying to carve out a niche for themselves in an insanely competitive market. For consumers, the entire digital world is their catalog, and this means that even the most successful businesses need to have a plan in place for keeping the top spot in their customer’s hearts.

For small, but growing, businesses the competitive nature of the industry is even more challenging. You need every tool for building a presence, attracting customers and creating an experience that’s so enjoyable that they can’t resist coming back for more. All of this starts with one essential element- your e-commerce website.

But, like we mentioned, it’s a competitive jungle out there and those do-it-yourself site building platforms just aren’t enough to cut it. Your customer’s expectations are much higher than that. They’re looking for customization and user experience that can’t be found with amateur web design. We can exceed their expectations, and yours. Here’s what makes us the best choice of Shopify designers for your business.

Shopify Experts that Provide Customized Solutions

At Prestige Pro Media, we’re Shopify partners that have the skills and expertise to customize and perfect your website. We’ve specialized in Shopify backend app integrations and front-end marketing strategies so that we can develop an e-commerce website that meets every one of your business needs.

We love the adaptability of Shopify theme development, with literally hundreds of different theme options – all professionally designed by some of the best in the field. For small and medium sized businesses, there’s so much flexibility with Shopify theme customization and a variety of additional resources that it has become a complete website solution. We’re the team of e-commerce web developers that can show you how.

E-commerce Web Development Designed with Goals in Mind

Other web developers approach design by looking at the big picture. This is great, but by looking only at the big picture you miss the small details that are crucial for building sites that customers return to time and time again.

It’s our philosophy that every page of your site has a clear goal. From home pages that serve as a customer’s first step into your store to one click checkouts that make conversion simple and seamless, every page has a purpose and we optimize each one for your business.


Design Savvy for Growing Brands

As Shopify Plus partners, we’ve designed websites for growing businesses of all sizes.

While we talk a lot about the flexibility of Shopify e-commerce development, the fact is that no website can just create itself, and we hate to see businesses fail when they could be thriving with a little outside help and expert design savvy.

It can be hard to recognize the features that are going to be most important for your site, especially if you’re a newer or small business with a limited history to guide your decisions. This is where we step in; we leverage a combination of research and experience to design e-commerce sites that are optimized for search engines and intuitive for visitors. We know that by combining these factors, this is a strategy for rapidly building traffic and revenue for your brand.

After the Click

In business, time is money. The time and resources invested in acquiring new customers costs 7 times more than it does to retain existing customers. This means that what happens after a customer clicks to purchase matters a lot to your business.

This is why our web development strategy is focused on the factors that make for a customer experience that exceed their expectations. Our designs optimize features that make it easy for customers to build an ongoing relationship with your brand and open the door to providing top notch customer service by implementing tools that encourage repeat purchases.


Shopify Developers That Advocate for Your Brand

Our pride in our work comes from our ability to develop an e-commerce site that builds a community for your business. It isn’t enough for a website to function, it needs to perform, and we have the talented team that can create customized web solutions for any business.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a Shopify Plus developer that can help meet the needs of your expanding brand, we develop and optimize sites that are catered to your unique needs. Our goal is to attract customers and lead them along the path to conversion, and we know there’s more than one way to get there. Contact Prestige Pro Media and let’s start talking about the great things your new e-commerce website is going to do for you.

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