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Let’s start by saying that e-commerce is a competitive industry. There are businesses that use e-commerce as a complement to their physical location, and others that sell and promote their business entirely on a digital platform. As a part of this industry, you have legitimate competition coming at you from every angle.

Marketing and bringing awareness to your business on the internet involves a lot of working, moving parts. It requires a strategy for edging out the competition for priority ranking on search engines – something that’s often complex.

But, the fact is simple. If your site isn’t ranking in a top position, then you’re missing out on visibility, clicks and ultimately revenue. Fortunately, there’s a proven, powerful solution and it starts with e-commerce web development that focuses on search engine optimization.

What is E-commerce SEO and Why Does It Matter?

When a user connects to the internet, it often starts with a search. They might be looking for something specific, or they could just be doing a general search. There are a million reasons and ways that someone initiates a search, and somehow search engines like Google are expected to play the role of mind reader and place the right sites in the results at exactly the right moment.

How do they manage it? SEO, or search engine optimization.

SEO is a strategy for generating organic – read that as “free” – traffic to your e-commerce website by optimizing specific metrics that matter to search engines. When Google crawls through your site, it’s looking for certain things and then it pieces everything together to determine where you should appear in search results.

Without SEO, it’s next to impossible for new customers to discover you.

So, you do what search engines ask and call it a day, right? Sure, except that Google has a couple hundred different metrics that it uses to measure, assess and rank your site. Add to it that they’re constantly updating and making changes to their ranking factors – usually hundreds of times a year – and it becomes crystal clear why an e-commerce business might need the partnership of an SEO consultant.

We take a comprehensive approach to e-commerce SEO, but don’t just take our word for it. Let us tell you more about exactly what we do as Shopify web designers.

Keyword and Competitor Research

Research is hands down the most important piece of the SEO puzzle. While SEO is crucial, it can also be slow moving compared to other elements of digital marketing. It can take a few weeks or even months to really start to see the results.

Just taking a guess on the best approach to e-commerce SEO can result in a lot of time wasted and profits that make their way to your competitors instead of you.

This means that SEO needs to be targeted directly towards the audience with the highest probability of showing interest and investing in your brand. As Shopify experts, we’ve learned what type of research really matters and how to leverage it for your success.

For example, we look at your home page, product page and content pages and develop an individualized keyword strategy for each based upon their intent while considering the uniqueness of your business.

We also look at the keywords that your competitors are using and how they’re performing, as well as their site architecture and where they’re getting their links. As Shopify developers, we do this for a couple different reasons. First, it’s great to know what is and isn’t working for others in your industry, but ultimately, it’s our goal to differentiate your brand and elevate it above your competitors.

Problem Solving

At Prestige Pro Media, we don’t consider our job as e-commerce web developers to just optimize your site and call it a day. We go in, look at the site you’re currently working with (if you have one) and troubleshoot for areas that might be hurting your SEO.

The truth is that website errors are common, and while the fact that they exist isn’t a sign of negligence on your part, failing to fix them quickly is. Simple, solvable issues like duplicate pages, redirects and missing header tags can pose a real threat to your SEO. We’re the Shopify developers that make sure your site is running smooth and error free.

Speed Matters

Site speed is a very big factor in SEO. Users aren’t going to hang around for more than a couple seconds waiting for a site to load when they can easily back out and visit one that loads in the blink of an eye. Site speed is important to the user experience, which is extremely important to search engines.

They want users to have the best experience possible so that they come back for more. A site that takes more than 2-3 seconds to load needs to be addressed because customers have little patience and page abandonment is a very real thing.

Our professional Shopify e-commerce development focuses on creating sites that visitors love using, and this includes optimizing your pages for easy, fast loading on all types of devices.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization refers to all the actions taken on your webpages to help your site rank better. Once we start talking with clients, many small businesses are surprised at how expansive these elements are. For example, as Shopify partners we dive into site structure, usability, keyword optimization, mobile responsiveness, internal links, customer reviews, content, social media integration and more to support local SEO.

We also leverage Shopify theme customization to create themes and templates that help us develop sites that meet all the needs of growing businesses while appealing to the tough, ever changing metrics of search engines.

Let Us Help You

Each day spent without a focus on SEO is a day that you’re losing leads and valuable customer relationships. When your expanding businesses requires the SEO services of a certified Shopify Plus partner, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about the value of SEO for your brand.

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